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Welcome to Anastasia Family Law Mediation

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A Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator

What is Family Law Mediation?

Family Law Mediation is a quicker and cost effective method to legally settle your divorce or visitation dispute. Our mediations are conducted by a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and Family Law Attorney, Anastasia J. Mahone, Esq. Participation in mediation may be done so voluntarily or by Court Order. During the process, the Parties will negotiate their family law dispute by and through the neutral and impartial mediator. Once an agreement is reached, our family law mediator will assist in the preparation of legally recognized documents settling your family law matter. Mediation may be attended with or without the presence of attorneys.

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We Offer Mediation for Matters of:


If you are parents who were never married, Anastasia J. Mahone can assist in developing a parenting plan and calculating child support


Whether you need to divide assets and liabilities or develop a parenting schedule that works - Anastasia J. Mahone, Esq can help.

Child Support

Whether you need assistance renegotiating child support or establishing child support, Anastasia J. Mahone is skilled at crunching the numbers in accordance with Florida's Child Support Guidelines

Parental Relocation

Whether it is you, or the opposing party, sometimes a parent wishes to move away with the child(ren). These matters may be very emotional to resolve for both parents. However, a resolution may be accomplished through mediation

Time-Sharing (Visitation)

If parents need assistance developing a schedule for their children to spend time with both parents, Anastasia J. Mahone can help develop a weekly schedule, holiday schedule and academic break schedule.

Modification of Parenting Plan

Sometimes families change in ways that require a change in the previous court ordered parenting plan. Rather than high tailing it back to Court and spending a significant amount of money on attorneys, negotiate a new parenting plan that works for you.

Agreed Divorce

Sometimes the Spouses already know how they want to divide assets and debts, have no assets or debts, know how they want their time-sharing/visitation to work or have no children. In these instances, the Parties just need assistance drafting the documents to memorialize their agreements and Anastasia J. Mahone can assist in doing so.


Benefits of Family Law Mediation

  • Significantly less expensive than litigation;

  • Obtain faster results than you would if you went to Court;

  • Gives the Parties the power to develop their own solutions, rather than a Court making the ultimate decision;

  • Confidential process whereas litigation is not;

  • Reduces the stress of a divorce;

  • Pay one neutral professional rather than multiple attorneys. 

Meet The Mediator

Dedicated to Resolving Your Family Law Disputes


Anastasia J. Mahone

Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator

Anastasia J. Mahone has received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Florida Atlantic University. Thereafter, she received a Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University and began practicing as a Florida Bar Licensed Attorney focusing primarily in Family Law. Anastasia J. Mahone is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator who is ready and willing to assist your family's needs.

Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Mediations Available


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Weekend and After Hours Mediations Available

Remote Zoom Mediations Available as well.

For busy professionals, Anastasia J. Mahone, Esq. also offers solutions to include mediations after hours, during weekends and by Zoom. To take advantage of this service, appointments must be made during business hours.

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