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Boca Raton Mediation services are provided by Judith A. Ripps, Esq.

Judith A. Ripps

Boca Raton Mediation is a service provided by Judith A. Ripps, Esq. Ms. Ripps has been a practicing attorney for over 35 years, and has been qualified as a Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil Mediator since 2004. With substantial experience in securities and commercial litigation, Ms. Ripps is well qualified to serve as a neutral in assisting parties to resolve even the most complex disputes in both pre-litigation and litigation postures. Ms. Ripps is also a member of ARC Mediation, a well-known mediation group with offices and full-service facilities throughout south Florida. If you are in need of mediation or arbitration services, please contact us today.


Judith A. Ripps is uniquely qualified to assist parties in achieving resolution of their disputes. Her understanding of the judicial process contributes to making the parties comfortable in choosing to reach an agreement of their own rather than having a decision imposed on them by a judge or jury.

The mediation process requires a degree of creativity along with the ability to communicate and simplify complex concepts. Given Ms. Ripps’ 35 active years as a practicing attorney, she is well versed in bringing these qualities together. Through Boca Raton Mediation, she strives to provide her valuable expertise as an impartial and independent neutral assisting the parties in reaching a settlement.


In arbitration, the parties have agreed to submit their dispute to an impartial and independent person who has the authority to make a binding decision or award. Judith A. Ripps’ experience, as well as her broad understanding of evidence, trials, and sensitivity to procedural issues and impasses, makes her uniquely qualified to arbitrate disputes.

Additionally, Ms. Ripps has been trained in securities arbitration, and is a member of the FINRA arbitration panel.


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